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How It Works
CeilingLink™ is a patented PVC profile designed for use as the top track, bottom runner, and cross tee in a direct mount ceiling panel installation. The top track is attached directly to joists, furring, or existing ceiling material with drywall screws; the bottom runner is squeezed into the top track to support standard acoustic ceiling panels. The cross tee is cut to size from the same piece used for the top track and bottom runner.

Cross tees rest on the bottom runner without being attached to the top track or having a top track of their own. L-Channel or C-Channel is used around the perimeter. For more details, see our FAQ and Installation pages.

CeilingLink, L-Channel, and C-Channel are made in the USA of the same durable PVC plastic that is used in the framing of replacement windows, and in residential plumbing systems.

Use our CeilingLink Calculator to determine how much to order based on room dimensions.

Tools needed to install CeilingLink:

tape measure
chalkline or string or laser
cutter (hand-held anvil cutters work best)
power screwdriver (for drywall screws)
razor knife (for cutting ceiling panels)

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