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About Us

We are a small startup company, created to bring our unique product CeilingLink™ to market. Our idea for a direct mount grid system originated in the mid 90's (see Why CeilingLink?), and the first patent issued in 1998. In 1999, we found a local frabricator who ran about a thousand 10-foot lengths of prototype that we used for testing purposes. One of our original installations from 1999 is still in place.

Getting to Market

In August 2001 we launched our web site and introduced CeilingLink to the Home & Hardware show in Chicago. For the next 3 years we continued to test, refine specs, and evaluate fabricators, until we were satisfied that CeilingLink was ready to ship. In the fall of 2004, we ordered our first inventory for CeilingLink and L-Channel, and began shipping product in December 2004.

Since that time we've shipped over 3 million feet of the CeilingLink Grid System to 1000's of customers in the US and Canada. Over 2 million square feet of ceilings have been installed using CeilingLink. And we're working to adapt the same "connects-to-itself" technology that we pioneered with CeilingLink to other applications, including wall paneling (WallingLink Wall Panel System) and soffit systems (SoffitLink).

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